Tax Mailer

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We absolutely LOVE this mailer because IT’S JUST SO DOGGONE EFFECTIVE!  In fact, it hits all 4 targets of our direct mail:  Retention, Acquisition, Referrals & Reactivation.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in (our clients include orthodontists, CPAs, restaurants, auto shops & more) – the ‘tax mailer’ works like a charm for tons of different ways to reach your prospects:

    • ‘You’re Awesome!’ rebates for current customers
    • ‘Check Us Out’ rebates for new prospects
    • Referral Reward’ to current customers for sending new folks your way
    • Testimonial Bonus’ – encourage your current customers to give you a glowing review online, in print, on video
    • Bring back lost customers with a too-sweet-to-resist ‘rebate’
There are endless ways to utilize this mailer, limited only to your imagination. The front is designed to mimic a check but the back is fully customizable to fit your business.
Priced at only $1.04 (which includes postage), this mailer is designed to stimulate sales and generate a great ROI!
 Tax Mailer
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