Monthly Postcards

Reaching out to your customers (and prospects) has NEVER been easier – or more FUN!

See SamplesOur treasure trove of ready-to-roll monthly postcards are the easy, fun, and effective way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects on a regular basis – and most importantly, to bring them through your doors.  From Hallmark Holidays (with a humorous twist) to any old reason to offer folks a great deal (like our ‘Tent Without a Tent’ or ‘National Nude Day’ sales), we’ve got DONE-FOR-YOU postcards ready to go every month of the year.


What Makes Our Monthly Postcards
So Successful?

1. They’re EYE CATCHING!  Each postcard is 6″ x 11.5″ (the max size to still qualify for first class postage), full color, and pop out of the mail stack.

2. They’re Inexpensive.  Pricing starts as low as $0.89 each for most of our postcards (that includes your postage!!!) – with some programs priced even lower.

3. They’re ‘Touching’.  Our postcards do what they’re supposed to do: they ‘touch’ your customers… making them stop, smile or think, and respond.  Combine that with an incredible offer, and we’ll help keep your customers beating down your door each and every month.

4. They’re Personal.  Nothing makes a connection like seeing your name in print… and our postcards are personalized with your customer’s first name – on both sides.  Let your favorite folks know they personally matter to you!

5. They’re EASY!  We’re constantly working on new ideas, so we’ve got a deep well of options for each month.  All you have to do is take your pick, send us your list, and we handle the rest… customized for you, personalized for your customers, printed and delivered.

Getting started couldn’t be easier – just click on the ‘Send Info’ link below.  Most times we can get your cards out the door in less than a week!

(P.S.  Remember, we never lock you into a contract – YOU CHOOSE the months that are right for YOU!)

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