You Need to Go Full Circle.

For the most successful marketing plan, you should be going FULL CIRCLE and include ALL FOUR key elements – Acquisition, Retention, Referral & Reactivation – in order to grow your business EVERY MONTH. A FULL CIRCLE Marketing Plan will save you time and energy (as well as gray hair, headaches, constipation, etc.).


We have spent countless hours organizing our thoughts, so you can effectively organize yours. To get started, simply download the interactive quarterly planning sheets and answer the questions. Take a deeper dive into your business to create a strategy that works with your individual challenges, pressures & problems.


When completed, email the plan(s) to [email protected] OR Fax to (517) 947‐6044. Once received, we will contact you to discuss your goals and talk over ways to execute the plan and put it on AutoPilot! Let the planning sheets & New Customers Now serve as your road map for the year – no more scrambling, no more dropping the ball, and no more reactive thinking.


Need help coming up with marketing ideas? No problem! We’ve included marketing samples and ideas to get your creativity flowing, and if you still get stuck, give us a call! We’re here for you every step of the way! (517) 548-5315

No set-up fees. No minimums. Custom mailing lists. Change your plan at any time. Access to hundreds of proven marketing campaigns.
Value added services. And so much more.

Third Quarter Plan

Third Quarter PlanWhat Are The Four Key Elements of Successful Marketing?

1.) First, gain new customers with a system whose main purpose is New Customer Acquisition.
People die. People move. People get stolen . Keep your bucket full. “The US Postal Service states that 15-26% of people move every year.”

We have two unique turn-key acquisition programs that are relevant, personal and work:  Birthdays | New Movers      

2.) Next, go after low hanging fruit by asking for (and rewarding) your existing customers for Referrals.
Your customers love you, their friends will too. The best advertising you can receive is word of mouth – the trust is already there.

3.) Then, be sure to KEEP your customers with a program designed to encourage customer Retention.
Whether you send a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletter, always remember to keep them engaged. Everyone else is trying to steal them.

4.) Lastly, grab those past (or lost) customers with a program perfectly suited for Reactivation.
Cheapest & easiest customer to acquire is an old one. If they seem distant, reel them back in before they jump ship.

How Can New Customers Now Help Me?

When you know that you need to reach out to your target market, but can’t think of what you should do, we call that a brainfart. We’re affectionately known as the Brainfart Busters. We have helped small business owners, just like you, create hundreds of proven marketing campaigns over the past 15 years – that’s a lot of ideas! Tap into our marketing brains by checking out our quarterly marketing ideas, tell us what mailers and programs you like, then let us do the dirty work! We can customize any of our proven mailers specifically for your business, or take a new idea and create magic from scratch. Once created, your plan can be put on AutoPilot (yet you still have the FREEDOM to cancel at any time).

Do I Need to Remortgage My House to Accomplish FULL CIRCLE?

Not in the slightest. We’re a small business trying to help small businesses. You set your quarterly budget and we will work with what you have. There are NO MINIMUMS. We believe in quality over quantity, so whether you have a mailing list of 100 or 100,000, our pricing stays the same. There are also no set-up fees – we do this shtuff for fun.

What About the Mailing Lists?

  • With no minimums, you can tailor your piece (and offer) specifically for different recipients on your house list.
  • Need a list of New Customers that CLONE your top 20% of current customers? We can do that! As an added value, we SCRUB all new lists against your house list to ensure we are mailing to ONLY NEW CUSTOMERS.
  • Want to send a New Customer mailer to that new subdivision that just went up? Have a specific target market in mind for that genius promotion you want to mail? No matter if your’re searching for customer age, location, birth month, marriage status, children in the household, teenagers in the household, etc. We can do that for you!

What’s In It For Me?

In addition to attracting NEW CUSTOMERS and keeping your existing customers heavily ENGAGED, we are throwing in some added value. Commit to a six month strategy (that you design) and we will discount our proven Customer Acquisition Birthday Mailers 22.5%. Want more? Because we believe that New Customer Acquisition is the most important aspect of your marketing strategy (and we truly want to see you succeed), we are sweetening the pot. For every month that you schedule a Customer Acquisition Birthday Mailer, you qualify for FREE bonus marketing material; Digital files for your website, email marketing services, newsletter sign-up & more.