What We Can Do For You

New Customers Now! is a direct mail marketing company
that works our collective tail off to quickly and easily increase your cashflow.

Since it was founded over 10 years ago by Dean Killingbeck, New Customers Now! has helped close to 600 small businesses grow profits, compete against the ‘Big Box’ chains, and bring steady streams of new customers through the doors.  If you’re ready for more (and better) customers and more cash, we’re looking to help you, too!

How We Work

At first glance, our direct mail programs may seem a little ‘outside the box’.  But make no mistake: they are ‘wild by design’, and they just plain get results.  Because at the end of the day, pretty and pithy are great, but what really counts is GETTING YOUR PROSPECT’S ATTENTION, and MOVING THEM TO ACT.

CUSTOMER ACQUISITION. RETENTION. REACTIVATION. REFERRALS.  This is where your cash comes from, and we have proven programs in each core quadrant that have blown the doors off for hundreds of our clients.  Translation?  Great results.  Cash in your pocket.  Grow your business.


Sound good so far?  Great – we hoped you’d think so!  But you haven’t even heard the best part yet!  This will be the easiest marketing you’ve ever implemented, because…. wait for it…. wait for it…. IT’S ALL DONE FOR YOU.  Our programs are turnkey.  Great buzzword, but what does that mean?

    •  You spend some time on the phone with us, telling us about your perfect, rock star customers.
    • We ask some painlessly probing questions about your company, your goals, and what makes you absolutely fabulous.
    • We turn you on to the best weapons in our ‘this stuff really works’ arsenal, and we’re off to the races!
    • We customize our programs for your company and your unique brand of awesomeness, and roll out the whole deal – concept, design, purchasing a prospect list (if needed), personalizing, print, and mail… we DO IT ALL!



Making your marketing successful isn’t just something we ‘do’ – call us cliche, but we really do care about you.  So we’ll be in touch to check progress, and make tweaks when needed to get results.  (And honestly, we might just call to say, ‘Hey, we just heard the most hilarious joke.  Listen to this…’.  Well, maybe not, but wouldn’t it be nice to receive a call and just hear a joke?  We think so!)


It’s a Good Day to Make Some Money

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So listen, don’t wait.  Any day – TODAY – is a good day to find a new way to make some more cash.  Just click over to your right to connect with us, and we promise to get back to you pronto with some killer ideas for your business.  (Seriously… even if you’re reading this in the middle of the night, we’ll be super excited to hear from you when we read it in the morning!)