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JJs GuysJeff Schuh
JJ’s Auto Clinic – Seymour & Neenah,WI

I’ve been using New Customers Now’s [birthday] program successfully with my two auto shops since 2007.  When they approached me and asked me to be a ‘guinea pig’ for a different birthday program, I’ll admit that I was leery!  Well, I gave it a try and am happy to report that it worked amazingly well!  In fact, in the first 2 months, we had 21 new customers who spent a total of $4758! 

Thank you for continually thinking of ways to help small business owners like myself… I really appreciate it!

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‘Working with New Customers Now is very different than any other advertising/marketing program that I have ever tried. It is the only program that I have used where I can truly measure the results, to know that I am getting a positive return on my investment. With NCN I can track and measure the results as this program attracts my best, select customer type. During the past 6-7 months, I have added 70-80 and at times more than 100 potential new customers each month that has added a great additional amount of revenue to my bottom line.’

-Matt Rhodes – Owner, Dusty’s Cellar


I wanted to say Thank You for such an unbelievable system that New Customers Now has created for acquiring new customers.

I’ve been using your birthday system for over a year now and am still receiving redemption rates that are off the charts! In fact, my last quarter looked like this, based on the 300 mailings you do for me monthly, each with three certificates:

January: 260 certificates (29% redemption rate)

February: 283 certificates (31% redemption rate)

March: 289 certificates (32% redemption rate)

April: 284 certificates (31% redemption rate)

My first observation: isn’t the consistency AMAZING? With the other regular coupons that I’ve used in the past, 12% redemption would be wonderful. Oh, I’m sorry, yours is a certificate, not a coupon… maybe that’s why we are receiving such a great response. New Customers Now is the best!

My second observation: It works for all of my customers! When brand new people come in we try to turn them into full time customers. When existing customers or lost customers come in, they think we are clairvoyant because we knew their birthday… consequently, they absolutely love us!

Thanks for a marketing strategy that really works and that I can measure my ROI with. No more guessing what my return is and if I’ve been an advertising victim. As I told you last month, I discontinued one of my major marketing strategies that was costing me a ton of money (yet not producing the results) so I could do more of your mailers. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Mark Rummel, Mancino’s of Fenton, Fenton, MI

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Dr. RouzerDr. Ronald Rouzer
Phoenixville & Reading, PA

New Customers Now’s ‘Half Birthday’ Program has been one of the best marketing programs that we’ve ever done.  I send the Half Birthdays to all my clients who show as active (some haven’t been in for over a year or more) with an offer to receive half off their co-pay for a single procedure.  This creates incentive for patients to get started with us again, as well as encouraging others to schedule procedures that they have put off due to their budget.  I have been using the Half Birthday Program for the past 2 years and am completely satisfied.  The office is wonderful to work with and when I have to make any changes, they are handled swiftly and accurately.

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