Why New Customers?

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Theoretically, you are losing 49% of your regular customers each year!

Put a system in place to fill those empty spots from lost customers with new customers.


49%?  Sure, that may seem a bit dramatic, but here’s how you are losing those customers each year:


  1. People Move.
    According to the United States Postal Service, 12-22% of the population decides to move every year. If these people move out of your area, then you lose a current customer.
  2. Family Circumstances Change.
    Kids go off to college, couples get divorced, people lose their jobs, retire, etc.  15% of today’s families are forced to change their lifestyle… which means they may go out to eat less often, or they ignore the little noises in their cars.
  3. They Forget About You.
    Yes, sometimes it happens. Your current customers forget about you, or they start going to the new business that opened up down the street. Sometimes they get tired of going to the same place, or perhaps you didn’t make them feel special when they visited you. Either way, this accounts for another 10% loss of your current customer base.
  4. The Big Chains Steal Your Customers Away.
    Let’s face it: the big chains have billions of dollars to throw toward TV and newspaper ads, and it’s nearly impossible to compete with their amount of advertising… which means you could lose another 10% here.


Don’t wait until ‘crunch time’ to frantically scramble to fill your auto bays, high top tables, or client list!  Call New Customers Now today, and we’ll help you target the best new customers right away.